Clotted Artery is a band aid solution to counter the information overload age. Equipped with pen pushers, filming geniuses, and sugar placebos, Clotted Artery vows to entertain and communicate to people using a range of media tools. Click on the ‘Daily Bacon’ link to read articles which are updated on a daily basis.


Heart attacks happen every twenty seconds in North America, taking a life every minute. Heart attacks are caused when plaque builds up in the arteries and restricts blood supply to the heart. Over-consumption of foods such as bacon, steak, honey garlic pork, and fried chicken can be major causes of plaque build up in the arteries.
Various forms of digital media are quite dangerous too. Over-consumption of Anderson Cooper 360, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, Survivor, TMZ, and CBC Evening News can block an individual’s analytical filter, causing the brain to accept anything in front of the eyes as reality. One is already diseased if one is exposed to television, web, or Facebook updates via SMS.
There is no cure for information overload. Unlike food, once the message gets in, it does not exit the body. However, there is treatment: daily visits to, where you can combat the disease with multiple forms of organic media including visual sensations and exercise for the literary muscles on The Daily Bacon. Be warned, disease will relapse if treatment stops.
The emergency sector of Clotted Artery will do their best to offer treatment and help stop media plaque build up.



Distributive Surgeons:
Vince Lo
Ryan Andrew Mitchell

Visual Doctors:
Alex Yelizarov
Tim Chui
Willy Wong

Pencil Radiologists:
Hugh Hidetoshi Izumi
Gracelle Bonifacio

Ryan Andrew Mitchell