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Meet The Style Whxre Blog

Fashion Blogger, model, freelance writer and passionate advocate for individuality Alix Daignault answers some Q & A with us. Her surprising modesty and nerve to wear shocking heels intrigued us and proved to be an enlightening interview.

Who are you, what do you do?

My name is Alix Daignault and yes, Alix is my full name. I recently moved to Vancouver from a small, small-minded town to pursue my life further in the industry. I began at Blanche MacDonald in the fashion merchandising program (which I am still enrolled in, however taking a brief leave) – and in the last few months I’ve blossomed into a full-time blogger, part-time model & a freelance writer/artist.

What is “the point” of the ‘the style whxre’ blog?

I started ‘the style whxre’ in September of 2010, about a month after I first moved to Vancouver. The point was originally to have a blog simply to express all of my creative outlooks – but in time evolved itself into being more strictly fashion and style oriented. I guess “the point” of my the style whxre is for anyone who cares to see my personal style, inspirations and musings.

Are you a trendsetter?

I don’t really know if I would call myself a ‘trendsetter’ – sometimes I follow trends, sometimes I start them… I just wear whatever I like and what makes me feel confident. Confidence is key. If one person walking down the street can be a little inspired by my outfit or way of being… then that’s I’m content.

What are you trying to say to every person that passes your blog?

I want every person who passes my blog to see my vision a little clearer… which is that there really are no rules or limitations when it comes to style. Style is what you were born with, and you have to milk your individual style for all you can. We all have a unique, individual style that is all our own – kinda like your fingerprint. It just takes some of us a lot longer to become comfortable with it because it has become so easy for us to follow all the typical trends and walk around like industry clones…. but I think really takes balls to wear exactly what you want not give a shit if what you’re wearing is “so last season”, but somehow you manage to make everyone think it’s the next big thing….

In short I want people to know that style is a huge part of you’re being – no matter how many people may say your outfit sucks or you “have awful fashion sense,” if you love what you wear and it makes you feel like a million bucks, then who cares how many seasons ‘old’ your outfit may be…Wear what you want to wear, when you want to wear it. Own it and never give a fuck about anyones opinion other than your own.

What else do you do?

I am enrolled at the Blanche MacDonald Centre for the fashion merchandising program, but I’m currently on a bit of a medical leave. Currently I’m modelling part-time and doing some freelance writing and art – but I’m looking for another job to help support my avid shopping addiction.

What are the most important aspects of accessories, what should be kept in mind?

Coco Chanel had once said to “take one thing off before leaving the house” – I think you should pile on at least 2 more. I live in black, I’m not really sure why because I do love bright colors… but my wardrobe mostly consists of blacks and greys. I spice them up by wearing an insane pair of heels, or carrying one of my most outrageous handbags. I also always have a massive string of chains of different sorts hanging about my neck, and a ring on almost every finger – accessories are one of my favorite part of dressing myself.

How can retro still be current?

For me, retro is always current. Most of my influences come from past decades – especially the 70′s, 80′s & 90′s. I love the hippie culture and lifestyle of the seventies, while the glam-rock of the 80′s inspires me even more.I always find myself being drawn back to the grunge look of the early 90′s a la Nirvana (think Courtney Love at her wildest).

What are you thinking for the summer?

This is a hard one for me to answer, I can’t plan what I intend to wear tomorrow let alone 3 months from now. I do see myself in a lot of ripped up band t-shirts, oversized tanks, distressed denim, fishnets, short-shorts and every pair of glittery platform pumps I can get my hands on.

See for yourself how trendy she is on her site: The Style Whxre Blog

Photos courtesy of Alex Yelizarov

Article by Ryan Andrew Mitchell