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Friska Viljor: Heartbreak to Music

Friska Viljor started in heartbreak. Composed of two great (but at the time depressed) music artists, Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson who wanted to translate their emotion into music.

I enjoyed the interview with the band as they spoke about how big break ups started a creative energy that fueled production of their albums.

How did the group originally start off?

The classic cliché, two guys starting a band after both their relationships had gone down the drain, using music as a cheap therapist.

How did former relationships influence the start of the band?

Without them we wouldn´t have started the band.

During the interview I discovered a profound sense of growth in the creative minds throughout the years the band produced music.

Does sobriety block the creative process?

Six years ago we would have said yes, but nowadays no. The mystery of finding the vibe to write music is more complicated than just having a bottle of wine.

Discuss the contrast between depression and the joyful sounds of your music

When starting the band we were both a bit depressed over our situation. Joakim´s lyrics combined with moody music would have made it even worse, so our solution were to write happy music in contrast to them.

‘Shotgun Sisters’ from their 2008 album Tour de Hearts sparks a neat melody and soulful sound.

How did you finally decide to place all of your focus into the band (at the beginning)?

Early 2007 we did a tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was the first proper tour we did, and the reactions from the audiences blew us away. We realized that the band could become something more than a hobby, and decided to give it a try.

Talk in detail about the theme of the 2011 song ‘Larionov’

Well, it´s a song about how impossible it sometimes can be to distance yourself from a girl. Sometimes you just don´t see how natural it is to be with someone and you tell yourself that you should be out `living´ a free life without the responsibilities of a relationship. But in the end you always seem to end up with this person and loving every minute of it. It´s a song about the schizophrenic emotions that sometimes appear when your different personalities battle for freedom or security.

They released their album ‘The Beginning of the Beginning of the End’ in March 2011.

Talk about the life steps put into the album ‘The Beginning of the Beginning of the End’

We went down to Berlin for three months where we were supposed to write some music for the album, it ended up with us doing almost everything but write songs. But somehow, don´t know where or when, we got some ideas written down. Pieces of `Larionov’ and `You meant Nothing´ for example. When we came home for the summer we had the plan to start recording and continue writing but instead we did all the things that is so wonderful to do in the summertime. Barbeques, swimming in the lake, drinking beer and enjoying life held us away from the recordings. Then finally in the autumn we got to it and when we got to it, it went fast.

It was a very natural flow and all of life’s sides were incorporated in the album: happiness, sadness, loneliness and madness.

For more on Friska Viljor click on the link below to their site:

Interview and Commentary in italics by Ryan Andrew Mitchell

Twitter: @ryanandrewmitch