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A Talk With Billie The Vision & The Dancers

Starting off their own record label ‘Love will Pay the Bills,’ a band called Billie, The Vision and The Dancers releases free content on the internet, making it an alternative to what they say is adapting to how the music industry changed in the last decade. Their songs have received more than a million downloads. Personally, I was captivated by their joyful and youthful sounds.

After leaving his previous band, Lars Lindquist had a vision for a group that created a playful sound; he said he wanted something that would resonate with the fans:

“I had a band before Billie the Vision and the Dancers. I wrote the songs, but the other members of that band didn’t like to play songs that were, as you said, ‘playful.’ They only wanted to play songs in Minor.  So I finally quit the band and started a new group where all kinds of moods were tolerated when it came to song writing.”

Billie, the Vision and the Dancers is a Swedish band that began with Lindquist requesting his friends and musical partners to contribute their voices and talents to a project of his that originally intended to be a solo. In 2004 they completed the first album called I Was So Unpopular in School and Now They’re Giving Me This Beautiful Bicycle which included the popular tune called Summercat.

“The first song I wrote was Summercat and it’s kind of fun that this song has been so verity popular. It was like coming out of prison and doing the things you weren’t allowed to do as a prisoner. So that song has meant a lot to me, financially and emotionally.”

All five of their albums are available for download on their website. Listeners decide how much to donate for each album. Lars stated the music was for sharing with the audience, “I just wanted to make music and get it released, and foremost get people to be able to listen to music we made.  Not to get a deal.”

Lindquist went on to mention the power of streaming his art in the website, “Yes I really think [that the internet is important]. We were one of the first bands that saw the possibilities of using the internet instead of trying to pursue the major labels. We have been a part of the music revolution and I think it’s been a very interesting ride.”

I asked what’s next for the band, and he said there is a chance of the group touring in North America. “We’d love to come and play in the states and Canada, of course. Early one we got a lot of fan mails from Canada, so it would be great to play there someday. Besides that, we are working on our next album- we always are.”

Band members of Billie, The Vision and the Dancers include: Silvio Arismendi (percussion), Frida Brattgard ,Maria Carlsson (bass guitar), John Dunsö (acoustic guitar), Sofia Janninge (percussion violin and vocals), Gustav Kronkvist (electric guitar),Jon Lindquis (drums) and lead singer Lars Lindquist.

Article by Ryan Andrew Mitchell

Twitter: @ryanandrewmitch